That's my goal - to capture your real life moments and turn them into timeless memories. Perfectly posed group photos? Not me. Let's run around, be your authentic self in whatever season of life you are in. From newborns to family's to branding sessions, I can't wait to capture your next moments!


to last a lifetime.

I’ve been behind the lens for 8 years!

I’m a wife, mom of 3 boys, and lover of all music, especially 90s hip hop & R&B. Give me a good cocktail and surround me with good music, friends and family and I’m good to go! 

When I’m not behind the lens you can find me watching BRAVO, helping my husband cook (he’s better at it than me), watering all my plants (and talking to them...haha) and sending TikTok’s back and forth to my kids.

I always loved taking photos when I was younger and putting them in frames all over my room. I love that photos can tell a story and freeze time! I absolutely love what I do and continue to learn and grow every year. 



jamie sutera

so nice to meet you! i'm jamie, wife + mom of 3 boys, and lover of 90s hip hop.



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